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Healing Aid Recipe
Jaggery has been used for hundreds of years as a medicinal aid, and can help relieve many health problems. Some important health and healing benefits of Jaggery include:
  • Treats colds: liquid Jaggery mix 1tbsp Jaggery block in 1 cup of lukewarm water + green betel leaves. Take twice a day.
  • Stops hiccups: liquid Jaggery + dry ginger powder. Take 1tsp with warm water.
  • Manages menstrual disorder: Take 1 tspJaggery every day.
  • Manages anemia: 1 tspJaggery eaten daily.
  • Reduces flatulence: 10 g Jaggery to be eaten after food every day.
  • Alleviates a cough:Jaggery + black pepper. Take 1tsp with warm water.
  • Reduces tension headaches or migraines: Mix 10 g Jaggery + 6 g sesame seeds + 2-3 drops milk. Apply paste on forehead.
Gajar ka Halwa
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